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Instagram as a Spiritual Practice

Before my identity as Rabbi, there was my identity as Photographer.  For many years now my days (and nights) have been filled with words – the reading, writing, interpreting, and editing thereof.  But there was a long period when photography … Continue reading

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Good Books Part 3: Five Out of Six from the Man Booker Shortlist

Some people run marathons, other people read (almost) the whole Man Booker shortlist in two weeks.  I’m in the latter category. A friend posed a challenge – read the whole Man Booker Shortlist before the winner was announced.  It sounded … Continue reading

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Fish Forks and Beer Mugs: Choosing the Right Technology for Publishing

The nature of the book has changed dramatically in recent years. From the old standard of signatures of paper, in multiples of 16, 24,or 32, bound between covers and filled with typeset text, we now have ebooks, and PDF’s, and … Continue reading

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Good Books: Some Suggestions for Summer Reading

What’s a good book?  Seems to be a question I discuss a lot.  People are always asking me for recommendations.  And there’s almost nothing I like better than sitting with a fellow-reader and talking about books – what we loved … Continue reading

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Introducing Fact/Fiction: A Blog About Books, Stories, and Publishing

I spend my days with non-fiction: editing and publishing books of liturgy and essays, managing numbers and words, spreadsheets and strategy.  And when my work days don’t spill over into the nights, I spend my evenings reading and writing and … Continue reading


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